we have professional engineers who can provide corresponding product design and suggestions for customers' innovative ideas;

Our experienced production technicians can skillfully produce high-quality products according to the requirements;

We have strict quality inspectors to strictly inspect all production processes to ensure the high quality and perfection of finished products;

has been responsible for the export of the factory's international business service staff since 2002. With rich experience in international trade, overseas customers can easily obtain their own customized products from Tuo Solid.

has obtained a cUPC certificate (file number 9446) and the sink is fully compliant with Northland's high-end engineering standards.

internal communication is very flexible, which can quickly confirm and respond to various urgent needs of customers.

we must be your most assured supplier, as long as we confirm the details, you will be satisfied with the products and services!


as a kitchen and sanitary products manufacturer, our main products include:

stainless steel kitchen sink, stainless steel commercial sink, stainless steel commercial cabinets and a variety of kitchen accessories.

stainless steel bathroom basins, stainless steel recessed wall niches, stainless steel bathroom shelves, aluminum bathroom shelves,

stainless steel bathroom floor drain and floor drain cover, stainless steel bathroom cabinet frame, stainless steel tissue holder,

stainless steel trash can, bathroom stainless steel mirror, stainless steel embedded bathroom toilet brush roll rack, stainless steel towel rack, etc.


can be customized for a variety of household commercial metal products!

factory is located in Shuikou Town, Kaiping City, Guangdong Province, the transportation is very convenient, welcome customers to visit to discuss cooperation!

Global Market

From home use to public use, project products and commercial products.

Customize various sizes, , shapes, colors production

Since 2006.

To be the most reliable and powerful supplier.






Real scene

We are a Chinese factory specializing in custom kitchen and bathroom stainless steel products. Our team has been engaged in the kitchen sink field since 2006.


Our customers include: wholesalers, distributors, domestic e-commerce sellers, overseas Amazon sellers, builders, building material suppliers, specialty stores, design studios and traders... We cooperate with customers from more than 50 countries, each customer has their own unique product design and market, and our team can quickly and flexibly arrange samples and orders. We hope that in each country or region, at least one of our customers, so that our products and services benefit more people, we will gradually grow in the process of cooperation, with a broader vision, production and service capabilities!


No matter how special your product design is, we fully support ODM and OEM! We look forward to working with you and hope to be a quality supplier of your unique products, and also hope that you will become a regional agent of our products.


For more information, please call, email or communicate with us online!

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