Qualification Honor

Q:Tuogurong Companyis providedOEMandODMservices?

A: Yes,OEMandODMare very popular!

OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer):

customers send detailed requirements to our company-- customers provide engineering design drawings or choose the engineering design drawings made by our company according to requirements -- customers provide product standards or negotiate with our company to determine product standards -- our company prepares samples for customers to confirm -- small batch trial production confirmation after samples------Trial production quality meets the standard------Customers place orders, our company starts normal process production-Product Inspection-Logistics Distribution-and subsequent services.

ODM(Original Design Manufacturer):

customers send detailed requirements to our company-Our company sends the overall plan of producing products according to customer demand------modify based on customer feedback------Customer Confirmation------Our company prepares samples for customer confirmation------sample confirmation------Trial production quality up to standard------Customer Place Order-----Our company started the normal production process, product inspection, logistics and distribution----follow-up services.

Q: What are the advantages of Takurong?

A: Advantages of our factory:

1) : We support customer design and assist in making samples quickly

2) : Custom products can be sampled within a week

3) : Fast production delivery time, in7-30days

4) : All products can guarantee the service life under normal transportation and use conditions.

Q: We can visit Taku Valleythe Rong factory? Your factory can help arrange it.shipping?

A: Yes, we are honored to invite you to TakuRong factory, when you arrivePearl River Delta, we willflexible arrangements for transport.

Q: Can your factory print our brand on the product or packaging?

A: Yes, if you allow, we can print logo with film or laser print logo on your products, they are free. You can also print black for free on the packaging. Custom color packaging is also possible

Q: What product certificates do you have in your factory?

A: We have American and CanadiancUPCcertification, file number is9446.

Q: What else can you do but sink?

A: We can make various kitchen and bathroom metal accessories designed by customers, such as kitchen sinks, dish racks, drain baskets, bathroom floor drains, shower covers, stainless steel towel racks, aluminum storage racks, etc.

Q: Can you color your product?

A: Yes, regular black, gold, copper and other custom colors